The church RLC began with a vision in 2006 that i saw in my bedroom at about 2:00 a.m. breaking the next morning.
I saw a rainbow filled my bedroom and came down to the level of about 50 cm to touch me. by then my wife had gone to the children’s room to pray with them.
I lifted up my hands and stirred the rainbow as soon as i remove my hands from the rainbow it return to normal.
I called for my wife to come and see, she ran in and couldn’t see anything when i got up i drew what i saw and took the vision to a mentor by then who told me God is promising me something.
The second was a Revelation that i had in a period of spiritual crisis that i was carried to the hospital in 2012 that i saw myself at the bank of a far away River about to cross to the other side and in the center of this River was a burning fire and to cross to the other side you must pass through the fire and in the fire was Three Angels dressed in white. The other side of the river was a beautiful city with bright light shining with thousands of Window light sparkling.
From where I was, I could hear melodies of beautiful hymns being sang from the city with many buildings.
My boat was having my name printed on it in capital letters “EDWARD “ and on the Other side of the river bank, were boats pack with Christian names all writing in capital letters.
When my boat was about to take off I felt a grap behind my boat commanding me to Come down . While I was in that boat I was transformed into gold and my hands could be stretched across mountains and valleys but the man of God that stop me not to take off pull me out onto the land at the bank of the river and suddenly I began hearing voices calling me from a very far land and a bag of sandals of 12 pair were given to me and a pair was fitted onto my feet and the man of God asked me to carry the remaining 11 pairs of sandals and return back to where I came from that my time to go to the other side of that city of Melodies has not yet come.
Why I was returning with high speed the voices calling me in the hospital was increasing so I stopped under an okro plants to rest and change my sandals but was left with only one and the other last pair of sandals.
Then I saw myself turning all around the hospital ward seeing my body lying on the hospital bed and people all around my bed some were praying and some people were crying and I wasn’t moved I just passed and climbed on the bed and discover myself wake up.Beside my bed was a small boat in the shape of a canoe a bible and a cross.
When I came back home from the hospital putting this revelation together the rainbow, the boat, a cross and the word of God (The Bible). it was a message from God and this message became the mandate of my ministry.

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God call his son Edward, and Sustain me by the power of his Word through Christ death on the Cross and a promise of Redemption by the Blood of Jesus and the sign of the Rainbow. Gen. 9:12-17.
After this Mandate was given to me,God appeared to me again in an angel and told me to open the Bible and read John 11:25 -26. In that passage the angel promise me not to forget that Jesus is the Resurrection and Life. take me along with you everywhere you go you will raise the spiritually death persons in my name (Jesus) that is where the vision name of the commission came from John 11: 25- 26 “THE RESURRECTION AND LIFE CHURCH CAMEROON.”
When my time was over from my former Church, I parked my bag to go wait on God’s instruction to start the church. I left for prayers in a secret place in my village before leaving I told my wife and children that I will be out for a month but the first night on the mountain was enough as God’s spirit came to me and said “Edward get up, park your things, return home and build an Ark for me in Randez-vous. “
After hearing this, i resisted to no avail and i finally left the mountain. It was a painful but sweet experience. Painful because I never finished my days on the mountains or even start but was sweet because God answer me very quick glory be to God.
on the 13th of March 2015, that same day i return back from the mountain, a family call me and bless me with a piece of land at rendez-vous junction for me to start a church there since I just left my former Church (Glory to God).
The church building started with me having just 1.200,000FCFA in my bank account but to the glory of God the structure was constructed within three months. (a building of over 18million).

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On the 17th of July 2015 the church was launched and dedicated and afterwards a branch was Open in mile 8 Mankon Bamenda after another was open in Batibo subdivision , another in Yaounde, Garoua and some other part of Cameroon.

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