Edward Fomum Ndi,a man of valor is the General Overseer of the Resurrection and life Church Cameroon. (RLCC).

He is the son of Mr and Mrs Mbah Moses Napoleon Ndi and Doris Mbayie Ndi.

Both parent are from Effah village Batibo Momo division. North west Region of Cameroon.

He was conceived and finally brought forth to this world after eleven months two weeks in his mother womb and was born on the 11th of December 1971 in down beach Victoria now called Limbe momo division-South west region of Cameroon

This great man Edward,did his primary education in a Government school in Ogim, located in Effah village from the classes primary One to three and was later transferred to Presbyterian school Azire in Bamenda where he obtained his First school living certificate (FSLC) in 1985-1986.

In 1989-1990 he ( Edward Fomum Ndi ) did his secondary education with the Kameroon Technical College (KTC) where he graduated with C.A.P in Industrial Mechanic in motor maintainance.

In 1990, he went to a driving school,  where he obtained a category ‘B” and “C” licence and began driving as a Bamenda urban township taxi driver. Four years into this profession, he then began teaching driving with Mbassam Driving Institution which lasted for five years, after which, he switched back to becoming a township taxi driver with the title “L’homme Courage“ meaning Man of courage. He drove taxi  for about 18 years then he got an encounter with God in 2001 in his taxi on a faithful Sunday morning to fulfill a prophecy that was given to him at the age of five by Prophetes Pauline of the Apostolic church. This prophecy took roughly 28 years to be made manifest, at his then age of 33.

The Woman of God said “ he would be a great man of God with the hand of God so heavy upon his head and God will take him to places for the gospel of Jesus Christ”. From the day of the prophecy his mother began calling him Man of God when ever he wanted to misbehave.

He grew up in a christian family. His great grandfather brought the Basel Mission to Batibo Momo division and his grand father  converted the Basel mission into the Catholic  church and his grand father was the catechist of this church. His mother then began the  Apostolic church in Effah village Batibo which started in his father’s house and letter spred to many villages in Batibo.

He grew up as an apostolic believer till he had an encounter with God at the age of thirty three. He was then called up to drive a School bus with The Parents National Education Union. (P.N.E.U) Bamenda. A year latter, he was added the post of a teacher, to teach as an Arts and Craft teacher in 2002. He registered in a Bible School “Centre for Biblical Studies in Small mankon Bamenda” where he graduated with a Bachelor degree in Biblical Study. 

Edward Began his Mission Work in 2006 as a pastor. And was a district pastor with the Jesus Evangelistic Bible church in the Alakuma branch Mankon Bameda In 2011. He received a prophetic encounter with Apostle Johnson Suleman in the Bamenda Congress Hall where a crusade was on going. He was at that time teaching in his classroom, when he received a call informing him of his encounter, saying that the man of God Apostle Johnson Suleman has sorted out his name, phone number and profession through prophecy. And that’s how he was announced.

He began fulltime ministry as a General overseer of The Resurrection and life ministry on the 17th of July 2015 at Rendez-vous junction Musang Bamenda. Three months after a branch was open in Mile 8 mankon, and not long after, another branch was opened in Batibo. By God’s grace, today we can count branches in Yaounde, limbe, Bertoua and Garoua. 

In 2016,he began writing books, with his first book titled “What’s your goal” ,followed by “Mariage mariage mariage, is it now a song”. He has successfuly written over 50 different books.

In 2017,he had an encounter with Senior prohet TB Joshua in SCOAN where was given the Bishop tittle by Senior Prophet TB Joshua .

He is a father of five girls and the first is a powerful woman of God walking on the steps of her father .

In 2023 he graduated from the American Theological College and University with a PHD  in church management and leadership. 

He was not just an overseer, but also taught in three different schools and drove as a bus driver in PNEU.

He is also multi talented as a painter, an artist. 

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